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Topic “rapid prototyping”

FAMiLab Rapid Prototyping

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At BarCampOrlando this weekend, i met Dave from TEDxOrlando - he showed me his TEDx business card holder, and told me it was printed by a rapid prototyping robot down at FAMiLab.

They have a lot of fun toys down there, and I have just found out they also have a mailing list:

A Lego Robot that Builds Lego Houses

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Making your own rapid prototyping machines at home is now not uncommon, but this is one of the first meta-bots I've seen - a robot made of Lego parts that prints using Lego parts as the raw material. Apparently, you can design the creations in a Lego CAD program, and feed them to this machine. It even presses down the bricks!

Laser Cutter for FAMiLab hackerspace

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A laser engraver is a cheaper solution to industrial fabrication than a full laser cutter or cnc router, and can be used to mass-produce cheap parts for MakerBots and RepRaps to precise measurements. it only takes $1600 to $1700 to afford one for our hackerspace open-to-the-public lab in Altamonte Springs.

FAMiLab website -
$1600 model - (videos)
Local Lake Mary company -

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