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Topic “publishing”


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Okay, I've had a short novel (novella?) sitting on my computer for a long time.  Have thought about submitting it, self-publishing or epublishing but haven't gotten too far.

I have an account on Lulu but I feel a little overwhelmed when I try to upload it and create a cover.  Personally, I don't feel like a technology newbie but for some reason this has me stumped and I end up not getting it published.

Has anyone published that can offer some steb-by-step guidance?

A Brazilian magazine that breaks all the rules

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I found this amazing video in Portuguese with English subtitles from a TEDx event in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Definitely worth checking out, and reading through it.

Roberta Faria, How a magazine can become a social project and help people

Still looking for iphone app ... person

I'm about to put on the publisher's hat and need to get going on a matching iphone app for our books. If you have iphone app skills, a willingness to take a share of sales as payment, and the ability to tell me what I need to do as a book publisher to get this thing integrated with our POD system, let's talk. I'd very much like to keep this project within the Orlando community.

Joseph Hayes

Orlando Sentinel Editor speaks to Orlando Arts Blog in informative podcast

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When the Orlando Sentinel did that recent re-design of their print version, I was floored. Why did they do it? Who did it? Where did they find the inspiration? What do other readers think?

Bonita Burton, Orlando Sentinel's Associate Managing Editor for Visuals and the person who lead the team that carried out the project, was gracious enough to do an interview with me about all the above questions and more.

Find the interview here:

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