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Orlando Theatre Kids want Coworking Too

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Over on the Orlando Sentinel Theatre blog, there has been a recent discussion about how to get Orlando's Theatre (and theater) community together. They decided on having a pot-luck dinner in a local theatre space, namely Mad Cow. The date is April 6th at 7PM, the same day as BarCamp Media Day, one hour after our event wraps up, right across the street from our event.

Florida Creatives on Mahalo

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Florida Creatives on Mahalo

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Mahalo is a human-edited search directory - sortof a return to the original Yahoo! - hand-edited lists of relevant pages, videos and links to other directories or wiki pages about tens of thousands of subjects. Naturally, I submitted Florida Creatives to be on the Orlando page, but I was denied until yesterday. Check it out at

Heard it on a Blog: January 2008

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Local blog shenomenon Sarah in Tampa is now creating content for ReadWriteWeb and Microsoft's Channel 10. Heard it on a blog from Tampa called Sticks of Fire, perhaps the best placeblog in Florida.

Thanks, NFI! Florida Creatives' 12th Happy Hour Tonight

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The NFI Studios blog had a very nice post about our little group today. I want to thank Lynda Raphael (any relation to Sterling?) for writing such a positive post. She even quoted Mr. Richard Florida (who is not the namesake for our group, but) whose writings are often compared with our grassroots community-building efforts here in Orlando and around the state.

Here's some of what Lynda wrote:

More Blog Orlando Publicity

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I just noticed on a PeachPit Press blog that Blog Orlando was mentioned. Normally I don't read their blogs, but I happened to come
across a link in their newsletter that I get since they sponsor my user group. Among the big names mentioned in the post is one of our own crew, Alex Rudloff. Here's a quote:

In the Press: Orlando Coworking

BarCamp in Orlando Sentinel

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Someone sent me an email this morning saying that was running a story on the upcoming BarCamp on Sept 23rd at Taste. The article is "A gathering of the geeks", and it sports a picture of a few people's hands and Jason Siefer's head (and one unidentified programmer, but I think he's an ORUG guy too).

Here's the most quotable part of the article by Wes Smith:

Orlando coworking mentioned in WIRED

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Some time ago, I was cruising the Coworking wiki and I saw some info about Jelly, which is essentially "living room coworking". I remember making an edit to the wiki at the time and adding Orlando and a link here or an email to invite people over for Jelly at my place, but I can't even find that entry now.

Nonetheless, as Anna Jane Grossman was writing this article about NYC Jelly for, she must have stumbled across a message that had my post. Here's a little of the article:

In the Press:

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Mashable, a social networking blog that was recently named among the 25 most popular blogs on the internet, recently gave some link love to local startup theInspirit. Their Talent Database, currently in private beta, is a tool for artists and creatives to list themselves along with examples of their work.

Feedbag Films in the Press

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You may remember from the January Happy Hour two dudes that came in and chatted for a bit - Butch and Tod. I think it's safe to say they're best friends, but I digress... See, Tod used to run an open mic night at Will's Pub called SPEAKEASY. Well, Butch brought his camera, interviewed some people, caught some of the performances on tape, eventually making a short film.

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