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Democracy > Communism > Coworking

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A group of intrepid geeks are One intrepid geek is couchsurfing across Europe right now in a project he calls On the Luck of Seven. This is one of his most recent videos, where a French activist takes us on the journey of how the coworking meme is part of the evolution of society. (link)

FL Creatives 08: Broken Speech Poetry Slam

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Broken Speech Poetry Slam

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Length: 25:51

The Broken Speech Poetry Slam happens every Thursday night at Stardust Video & Coffee in Winter Park. The slam is now 6 years old, and is led by J. Bradley and hosted by Jelian Morales. The show gets started around 9 or 9:30, and promises something different every week.

FL Creatives 07: Holly Riggs

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Holly Riggs

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Length: 22:00

Holly Riggs is a spoken word artist, actor, producer, crafter and someone we want to pay attention to. Since this interview was recorded, she has left Orlando for Boston, and I interviewed her at her farewell party at Dandelion CommuniTEA. She talks about her company Starbananas and her label Nonsense Records.

FL Creatives 06: Sticks of Fire

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Length: 21:07

FL Creatives 05: Tampa Blogger Dinner Pt 2

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Length: 16:54

FL Creatives 04: Tampa Blogger Dinner Pt 1

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Length: 8:04

FL Creatives 03: John Rife

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John Rife
Photo by Josh Hallet.

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Length: 22:00

Podcasts of Note to this Group

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FL Creatives 02:, Alex and Gavin

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Length: 27:04

FL Creatives 01: Mark Baratelli

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Length: 27:01

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