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Brevard Tech

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Varies - Florida Institute of Technology for now
150 West University Boulevard Room 204 In the Library Building
Melbourne, FL 32901
Phone: 3212529581

A Brevard group dedicated to exploring and discussing both the hardware and software sides of technology. We will explore opensource software, opensource hardware and everything else.


Founding Date: 
6 years 15 weeks ago
Meeting Time: 
Last Saturday of the Month


Varies - Florida Institute of Technology for now
150 West University Boulevard Room 204 In the Library Building
Melbourne, FL 32901
Phone: 3212529581

Ben Hosmer

About Me

Ben Hosmer
Drupal Web Developer in Brevard and curious hacker.
soldering, podcasting, drupal, arduino
Arduino and opensource hardware. PHP, Drupal.

Open Data

A group for talking about Data Hacking
Open Data

We as a community have the skills and cleverness to apply computational thinking to the big problem we face today of "doing more with less." How do we get beyond the technology... RSS, RDF, Microformats, iCal, etc., to get other people who do not self-identify as geeks — to actually use authoritative feed syndication to enable Gov 2.0 and the evolution of the institutions we all depend upon.

Data syndication is a fundamental concept and basic skill for all "digital citizens" in order to grow a healthy economy and community. What needs to be taught and what should we expect people to know? Who needs to be taught first? Where is the funding? If you have some ideas, can lend a hand, or influence decision makers, please attend or contribute your thoughts.

Founding Date: 


Urban ReThink
625 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32806
United States
28° 32' 32.6508" N, 81° 22' 7.986" W

Florida DrupalCamp 2011

Florida Drupal Camp


Rollins College
1000 Holt Avenue Bush Executive Center
Winter Park, FL 32789
Community or Meetup: 
Feb 12 2011 9:00a

Registration for Florida DrupalCamp 2011 is now open!

This year, more of what's been growing crowds of the past few years - now at a bigger, more comfortable venue

February 12 - 13, 2011
Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida

Day 1: 4-track Learning Experience

Beginner Track - Enthusiasts, first-timers, non-programmers, webmasters, and marketing people, as well as anyone tasked with updating sites will benefit from these sessions to provide a practical overview of Drupal. You'll learn the basics, get practical tips, tap into great resources and gain insight as a real site is built before your eyes.

Miro Player 3 and Miro Video Converter for Mac and Windows

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If you haven't tried the excellent Miro software for subscribing to and promoting your Video and Audio podcasts, it's totally worth it.

They incorporate their own podcast directory (one of the best) and their client can download via bittorrent to save publishers' bandwidth fees. The company that makes miro is non-profit, and the software is open source. They also work with a public radio company to publish their audio podcast directory, and they support the Open Media Project. Can it get any better?

Yes. It can.

Open Source Hardware - Makerbot, Arduino

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If you pay attention to hardware at all, you'll have seen people building interesting tools for fun or profit with openly designed, hackable devices such as Makerbot and Arduino.

We also see lots of popular media featuring open hardware, like this episode of WebNation from the Canadian Discovery Channel, filmed at a hackerspace in Toronto.

Hey, we have a hackerspace, too!

FLCreatives 25: Chris Jones of Caring Compy

Chris Jones
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Download Podcast 25
Length: 21:50

In 2008, Chris Jones put together a charity project which collects unused computers, installs free software, and trains a needy family or organization in the care and use. Caring Compy will soon have non-profit status, and we couldn't be more proud of our Florida Creatives membership.

Shameless Links:

OSCemote: MIDI-like control app for iPhone

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OSCemote is a remote control application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It lets you send Open Sound Control messages to other programs like Max/MSP, Puredata, OSCulator, etc. Those programs then play music or respond to the remote control however you want them to. Open Sound Control is a modern networked cousin of MIDI.

Processing Running on iPhone

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@JohnRife was posting on Twitter today about trying to get Processing running on his iPhone. That one message inspired me to make some posts and get some things going on this group.

Via Create Digital Motion

I didn't think you could run Processing on an iPhone, since it is based on Java, but it looks like John Resig, a true Guru of JavaScript if ever there was one, has come up with a solution to get processing code to run in a web browser without any plugins. I added a bunch of bookmarks about Processing.js to a brand-new Processing group on Ma.gnolia, which is a public feed which anyone can contribute to. New links in that group will appear on the right sidebar of the graphics hackers group page of The group itself has 15 registered members... anybody else excited by this?

Via the Processing website:

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is used by students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists for learning, prototyping, and production. It is created to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook and professional production tool. Processing is an alternative to proprietary software tools in the same domain.

Processing is free to download and available for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

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