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Topic “new”

It's so new, we don't understand it

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[ All though this post identifies brand building and the creative developed for the communication industry, I think it applies to anyone that spends there time expressing what might have been previously considered inexpressible ]

How difficult is it–trying to explain a new idea or concept to someone? Especially when there may not be supporting materials to substantiate the use/need/purpose of the idea. It's difficult. And even more difficult when the people you may be communicating with have absolutely no familiarity with what you are talking about.


Welcome. Come encourage me - and yourself!

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I'm jumping out on a limb based on a few conversations with folks around Brevard and starting this group in the hopes that there are others, many more others, of creative types equally interested in community.

Over the past year, I've been privately surveying various web companies and firms to see if they would be interested in having a get together one evening.

I've had all manner of responses. Some positive. Some very suspicious. Some literally threw me out of their office.

But I've begun to feel the time is turning.

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