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Topic “mentoring”

FLCreatives Steering Committee Jan 2009

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Download Steering Committee 2a

Download Steerage 2a
Length: 19:49

Here is a summary of what we discussed on the call:

BarCamp Meeting - Jan 12th, 9PM

Gregg Pollack
Greg Pederson
George Drage
Eric Marden
Ryan Price
David Rogers
Rachael Page
Joshua Blount


  • has been talking to Wall St. about Ignite and BarCamp
  • One day event instead of 2 days

More venues - CityArts? CoLab?
Evening event - CityArts? other downtown venues that don't open until later, but it would be nice to give the business to Wall St since they were so nice with the space


  • $2000 food from Wall St - per day
  • $2000 t-shirts
  • $ 600 promotional materials - signs, posters, flyers
  • $ 150 chars - 200 chairs - kirby rental
  • $ 25 nametags
  • $FREE A/V, projectors, sound, (donations, or available by venue)


  • FOWA - last week of Sunday, Feb 22nd - 24th
  • massive coworking at Brik-o-lodge on Monday
  • Avoid April 12th - Easter
  • -- email the list to ask about dates - Eric Marden
  • -- if you want to get more involved, Florida Creatives Monday the 19th
  • Eric will also make an official BarCamp wiki page


You can listen to the other half of this call at the Project X half of the conference call

You can edit the Orlando WiFi page or the wiki page for other cities at

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