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Florida Creatives Groups Server

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The idea here is that we can reproduce all of the features of and Google Groups in about an hour using a couple of off-the-shelf open source tools, like Drupal with the Organic Groups module installed.

I just did a really quick setup at - nothing fancy yet, but groups are turned on, so once you register you can create any group you like and ask your friends to join.

Florida Creatives Secret Handshake

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Today at BarCamp I suggested we create a "secret" handshake for Florida Creatives members or people who are involved in the local community.

Here are some suggestions: hugs, peace sign, hang loose, three-fingered wave, etc.

What would you use as the Florida Creatives secret handshake? Record something and post it in the comments!

FL Creatives 15: FreshBooks and ScrapBlog at BarCampOrlando

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Download Show 15
Length: 9:19

FL Creatives 14: marc. with a c.

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Download Show 14
Length: 29:04

Creative Guides on FLCreatives Wiki: Getting into Florida Film

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Today a friend of mine sent me an email asking him to help him find some resources (like money) for a film project he's working on. I thought, as I often do, that the best way to chase down opportunities like making money is to get involved with the community. Therefore, I got him in touch with several film types, and pointed him to some film resources with a brief explanation of why he should get involved.

Thanks, Creatives!

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What a great event. Networking wins, and on a holiday.

Welcome to Johannes, Ian, Tom, Mike and any other new people I may have missed. If you are new, please subscribe to the mailing list so we can update you about next month's meeting on the 18th.

I hear the CFLBars folks were there - I'm sorry I missed you.

The Little BarCamp That Could

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From the BarCamp Orlando web site.

FL Creatives 12: Steve Smith, Orlando Tech

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Length: 15:58

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