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Ushahidi has lots of Awesome News

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Do you all know about Ushahidi? It's a web application that can show real-time mapped data, often sent in by people who have the best information - the guy standing on the street during the disaster, election, or other event.


Ushahidi means “testimony” in Swahili, and the app was originally developed to track events during a tumultuous election in Kenya. The idea was (partially) cooked up by one of our own Florida Creatives, Erik Hersman, who you may have seen at BarCamp, BlogOrlando or Happy Hour.

They use the word "crowd-sourced" to describe it, but to me, it's really about a network of individuals who act as filters and amplifiers for what would otherwise be a bunch of noise. There is no chain of command, so the information gets updated instantly without getting filtered through news media, government or other organizations.

Orlando Coworking featured in Chicago

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Medill Reports, the graduate Journalism student paper at Northwestern, recently wrote a piece on Chicago's COOP, a coworking space. Our own Eric Marden was in the space that day, and he was quoted in the article:

Coworking offers new freedom to freelancers

Battle of the Web Frameworks


Slingapours at Wall Street Plaza
18 Wall Street Plaza
Orlando, FL 32801
Apr 09 2009 6:30p - 9:00p

Join us at doterati's upcoming educational event!

doterati is hosting the battle of the year, with panelists duking it out for their framework of choice!

Join us for some pre-event networking at 6:30 pm. The "battle" will begin at 7 pm.

Pre-register today for this FREE event.

Battle of the Web Frameworks

Likemind: Orlando's Brain Trust?


Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar
444 N Bumby Ave
Orlando, FL 32803
Apr 17 2009 8:00a - 11:00a

Likemind Orlando
More than 2 years ago, I heard about these two marketing guys / geeks from New York who had started an event they held on Friday mornings for coffee and conversation. The first few were just the two of them, but as they invited people and the word got out, it grew until it started getting on the radar all over the world. Now Likemind happens in scores of cities on every continent, and Orlando has been on that list almost since the beginning.

The next Likemind should be April 17th, the day before BarCampOrlando. Let's use that international date to take action locally. Likemind is before work (8AM), it happens downtown, and everyone is welcome. Bring a few friends, get some coffee, and tell us what's on your mind.

Coworking: What a Difference a Year Can Make

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About a year ago (February 26th, 2008), Gavin, Chad, Chris, Phil and myself were hanging out at CopyNight Orlando, and we got to talking about Coworking. This is when we came up with Coworking Tuesdays. Gavin and I stayed at Stardust long after closing, and I decided to shoot some video. A year later, it still says something:

Look at how far we've come since then: (98 members) (46 members) (211 members)

Orlando Weekly Write-up on Ignite Orlando

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Seth Kubersky has a weekly column called Live Active Cultures: if you don't read it, it's one of the best reasons to pick up the paper every week; it gives you an idea of what you missed.

Our group is no stranger to the Weekly's pages, but we are always grateful for a mention. In this case, there was a shout-out to Florida Creatives and yours truly, as well as a nice write-up about the first Ignite Orlando and several of the speakers.

Read this week's Live Active Cultures for the Ignite Orlando article, or pick up the Orlando Weekly from hundreds of spots around Central Florida. Mentioned in the article are Ryan Price, Dan Kinchen, Gregg Pollack, Brian Feldman, Tyler Hunt, Derek Gallo, Eric Marden, Greg Rollett, John Todero, Cory Collier, Matthew Williams, and Anthony Eden.

Many thanks, Seth. Also, if you don't regularly read Bloggytown or Culture 2 Go, check them out.

Anthony Eden, The Lies We Tell Ourselves:

See also:
Sergio's Battledeck about Dinosaurs and FAIL
Matt Williams' Intro to Home Brewing

P.S. if you want to be mentioned in the paper, maybe you should participate in Ignite next time. if you did participate but didn't get mentioned, blame Seth!

Orlando Tweetup Follow-up Post

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We had a great turnout at the first Orlando Tweetup at Scruffy Murphy's Pub in College Park last night. According to the sign-in sheets, 106 people came. And it was a pretty diverse group too. We had two high school students (@sdquinn and @gdrage), lots of folks from the Sentinel, people from the marketing and public relations fields, local techies and bloggers and even Local 6 weatherman Tom Sorrells.

So thank you very much to everyone who came and made this event a success. And if you missed it, don't worry, we'll have another one real soon. To stay in the loop, check back on this blog and follow @etanowitz and @orlandotweetup on Twitter. You can also go here to see what people are saying about the event.

Speaking of Tom Sorrells, he was kind enough to mention the Tweetup on the 11 p.m. news and show a picture he took with my wife Daphne and me. Here's the clip:

FL Creatives 20: Jennifer Wakefield of Orlando Economic Development Commission

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putting imagination to workDownload Show 20
Length: 38:32

Jennifer Wakefield is the Director of Public Relations for the Orlando Economic Development Commission (EDC). In this inteview with Ryan Price, she shares a number of exciting industries taking root all over Central Florida, including Film and Digital Media, Helath and Biomedical, Military Simulation and Training, and of course the Entertainment industry.

Shameless Links:

Work Together, Build the Bar

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Have you guys met Rachael Page yet? You may know her as David Rogers' girlfriend, or one of the folks on the advisory committee for CoLab Orlando (did anyone else notice the title of the page is "emailblast"?).

In lieu of meeting face-to-face, we have been having an email thread. I decided to get the conversation out of the back office and into the public forum.

On the setup of Florida Creatives:

A really fun quote I saw recently:

"Communities have to stop selling drinks and just build the bar."

Orlando Scene Session Video from BlogOrlando

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Last year at BlogOrlando we had a session called 'The Orlando Scene'. The concept was to bring together folks for different backgrounds to talk about things like cow-orking, start-ups, etc. It's a year later, so what's changed? We gathered some of the local area leaders to talk over what's going on in Orlando.

Watch more live videos from BlogOrlando

BlogOrlando session notes by Tim Welch


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