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Topic “Learning innovations”

Theresa Willingham

About Me

Theresa Willingham
My goal is to create engaging, thought provoking and informative content for a variety of media, and to inspire community engagement and personal fulfillment via innovative and collaborative learning initiatives throughout Florida. I'm a lifelong Floridian and have always loved the cultural and creative diversity of our state. TED is my latest muse. I'm deeply inspired by all the ways and means there are to continue learning throughout our lives. I relish opportunities to share my enthusiasm for life and living with others, and believe we can work together to inspire our next generations to rise up to meet the challenges of 21st century Florida with strength, insight, intelligence and creativity.
Experienced in managing, organizing and disseminating information, with extensive experience in education and health issues, and related economic and civic issues relating to education reform and family choice in learning. Fluent in distilling the most meaningful data from broad based resources and analyses. Adept at translating statistical data and complex information into engaging and useful narrative. Public Speaking – I routinely give talks, workshops and presentations on education, and individual empowerment.
Writing, photography, hiking, geocaching, kayaking, creating opportunities for collaborative learning, connecting with other creatives
March 14th
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