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Topic “job”

Any work out there?

Hello Florida Creatives Community,

I have been working on starting my business since last May and over the last couple of month, business has been VERY slow. So I am in need of some work to make ends meet. Do you know of any opportunities? Here is my resume. Any advice, leads, connections are very much appreciated. Thanks!

Karie Brown

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Programmer Needed - Open Source - Space Coast Biz Media Group/Space Coast Magazine

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Jeff Piersall from SCBMG is looking for a reliable programmer to work for his company, probably to work on their main brevard portal. Must have open source PHP experience. Go to their site and apply from there.

Still looking for iphone app ... person

I'm about to put on the publisher's hat and need to get going on a matching iphone app for our books. If you have iphone app skills, a willingness to take a share of sales as payment, and the ability to tell me what I need to do as a book publisher to get this thing integrated with our POD system, let's talk. I'd very much like to keep this project within the Orlando community.

Joseph Hayes

Will you give me back my dime?

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Here I am again. Unmotivated, unsuccessful, unpublished, undesirable, uneducated, unmarketable, unemployed me.

I applied for at least 50 jobs online today. The only phone calls I got back were from the phone company who had to change my service for me because I can't afford frivolous things like Caller ID, some credit card collection agencies and my mother.

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