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Topic “interviews”

Awesome Local Interviews by The Daily City

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Since I have been thinking about recording some more episodes of the Florida Creatives Podcast, I was wondering if anyone else has been doing good local downloadable content. We have Radio Rickshaw and Front Porch Radio producing stuff, as well as CMF Public Media and the local WMFE and WUCF stations. Several years ago, Mark Baratelli of the popular Daily City blog produced a show called the Orlando Arts Podcast, but now he will just periodically post mp3 files and players on his site. This can make the content hard to find, so I have created a list.

FL Creatives 27: Erika Wilhite

Erika Wilhite
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Download Podcast 27
Length: 44:28

Actress and teacher Erika Wilhite tells us about her upcoming production of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, her pending move to Fayetteville, Arkansas, her experiences with the Orlando Fringe Festival and Hysteria!

Erika as Mademoiselle X at the Blunder Bungle

Shameless Links:

Viewpoints WTF? - the voice you hear is Erika - during War of the Worlds rehearsal

FL Creatives 17: Darren McDaniel

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Download Show 17
Length: 52:20

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