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Topic “international”

On Creating a Federated Coworking Organization

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I read a lot of posts on the international Coworking google group, I just don't always have a lot to say there. Today I had a whole lot to say, it seems. You may want to get some perspective by going and reading a few of the original posts.

From SXSW Panel on Federated Coworking

Hello everyone. I'd like to point to a few external examples that can help lend some structure (or lack thereof) to this discussion.

FL Creatives 15: FreshBooks and ScrapBlog at BarCampOrlando

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Download Show 15
Length: 9:19

FL Creatives 13: Johannes Grenzfurthner of monochrom

Johannes Grenzfurthner of monochrom
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Download Show 13
Length: 1:12:14

Coworking Survey from Ireland

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The Coworking Ireland blog linked to us last week, so I decided I'd like to return the favor. Not only that, but they've got some really great statistics from a recent survey. For the rest of the results, read the full post.

What would attract you most to coworking?

Democracy > Communism > Coworking

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A group of intrepid geeks are One intrepid geek is couchsurfing across Europe right now in a project he calls On the Luck of Seven. This is one of his most recent videos, where a French activist takes us on the journey of how the coworking meme is part of the evolution of society. (link)

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