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Topic “film”

How to Fund a Motion Picture Production

Florida Motion Picture and Television Association (FMPTA)


Café Unique
607 Florida Avenue
Cocoa, FL 32922
Jan 10 2011 6:30p - 8:00p

The Space Coast chapter of the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association (FMPTA) presents "How to Fund a Motion Picture Production" by Larry Haber Monday, January 10, 2011 at Café Unique located at: 607 Florida Avenue, Cocoa, FL 32922. Haber's presentation includes information on how funding for films is structured and what things a filmmaker needs to do to ensure a successful fundraising program.

Admitted to the Florida Bar in 1982, Haber practices law in the areas of entertainment, sports, business, real estate, corporate, finance, franchise, and intellectual property. Networking begins at 6:30 p.m. with a membership meeting starting at 7 PM followed by Larry's presentation. This program is free for members and first time attendees, all others are $10.00.

48-hr Film Project - Viewing!


The Plaza Cinema Cafe
155 S Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801
Aug 26 2010 6:00a

It's been another successful year of the 48 hour film project and it's time check them out and find a winner!

What is the 48 hour film project, you ask?

Each year, hundreds of locals get together to write, shoot, edit, and produce a 4 to 7 minute movie over well...48 hours. Teams gathered at Oviedo High School Friday night to get their film genre. It could be from anywhere to drama to thriller to comedy to mockumentary or even romance. From there they were off on a mad dash to meet the 7:30 PM deadline Sunday evening.

Please join us Thursday, August 26th at 6 PM at the Plaza Cinema Café in downtown Orlando to see all the fantastic films on the big screen!


About Me

John Bonaccorso
The sea and surf brought me here, but the people kept me here. I love meeting new people and learning from them. While I have trouble writing wonderful, insightful and brief statements of my incredible talents, including my ability to drive a speeding car while blindfolded, I will try.......... My experience as a lifetime entrepreneur, tempered with more than 25 years as either senior manager or CEO of my own companies, has earned me a unique ability to assist new companies, new CEO's or even the new entrepreneur who just has a new idea, in determining the best path to success. I truly enjoy chatting with up and coming business leaders.
Startups, coming up with the next great idea, helping others with their next great idea,
thoughts, ideas

Reel Crew: Governor's Film Directory

Press release copied from the Film1 Newsletter:


Registration has begun for the Governor’s Office of Film and Entertainment’s new online production directory! Reel Crew, as the directory is known, will revolutionize the way that potential clients find the crew members and support services they need for their Florida projects! Reel-Crew is an expansion to the Reel-Scout system that will create a searchable, electronic database of Florida’s skilled workforce and available production resources.

Make a video for a local nonprofit, Simple Living Institute

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Heard on Facebook:

Enter our video contest to win a pair of tickets to Jack Johnson's August 24th concert in Orlando. Create a 2-3 minute promotional video of our non-profit, Simple Living Institute. We have permission to use Jacks music in the videos too!!!

More info at


A bit more info:

The intent of the video is to showcase Simple Living Institute and describe sustainability. The video must be between 2 and 3 minutes long, and should include live action shots of Simple Living events, volunteers, and/or board members. Please contact us for permission prior to filming at our events. View our upcoming events on our Events Calendar. The video can also include still photos. There are stock photographs in our Photo Gallery that you may use. We also have Jack's permission to use his music in the videos!

Want more films made in Florida?

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Good luck with that. Someone on Facebook named Robert Spencer created "a group to inspire film makers and investors to do more than just think about making films here in Florida". I believe the operative word is think. Robert would like to see action, and as of this post, so do nearly 700 others. Filmmakers in Florida have some great opportunities, and this group is intended to highlight funding, I suppose.

I bet we can find 1,000,000+ people who want more films made in Florida

With the Florida Film Festival coming up soon, there could be some opportunities to meet the right people and make some awesome things happen.

J. Brewer

About Me

J. Brewer
J. has combined his education in theatre, film and TV, a 28-year corporate and entrepreneurial career in technology, media, and marketing disciplines, and an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit to the evolving technological and human convergence that is occurring. While his company, Teksita Corporation, has its own online properties and projects, it passionately engages in highly creative projects for visionary clients. These projects employ online, media-centric communication and promotion systems, services, strategies and solutions. J.'s team serves individuals, communities, organizations and businesses. As the founder and CEO of Teksita, J. leads an enterprise devoted to its clients' voices and messages being heard and seen by their audiences. J. is an information technology expert with an extensive background in the Internet industry: Prior to Teksita, he co-founded and served as president of IntelliSTAR, recognized by the Orlando Business Journal as a top five Internet services provider during the 1990s. He also served as IT vice president for JoePix, Inc., a leading online provider of special-event and brand extension photography programs for a client list including NBC, Sprint, Pepsi,, American Express, House of Blues, Sam Adams, Hollywood Records, Macy's, Motorola and others. He helped negotiate a multi-million dollar acquisition of JoePix by PhotoPoint Corporation, and later served as COO of EZPrints, a leading provider of online digital photofinishing services. Before entering the Internet technology field, J. spent a decade in a variety of IT leadership roles at Martin Marietta (NKA Lockheed Martin), primarily in systems integration and networking. After formation of the Transportation Security Administration, he took a hiatus from the Internet to assist TSA as a consulting project manager for airport security officer assessment and hiring, responsible for IT and medical personnel from Jacksonville, Florida to Anchorage, Alaska. J. is a graduate of Florida State University, where he studied theatre, film and television.
video production and direction; a good martini when I taste it; online media; math.
Driving carefully; people who don't like liver and onions; fishing and boating; clever rhymes.
June 27th

FLCreatives 28: Stefan Price's Friday Night Film Group

Stefan Price's Friday Night Film Group
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Local film professional, set and prop builder, and last but not least special FX guy Stefan Price is this month's subject. He's created a Friday Night Film Group in Winter Garden that produces internet television and short films under a Creative Commons license. He and his group are inviting just about anyone with a script and the right mindset to come play in their video sandbox.

Trying to Cry


Orlando Museum of Art
2416 N Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: 407-896-4231
Mar 05 2009 6:00p - 9:00p

Trying to Cry

Who: Brian Feldman Projects

What: Trying to Cry

As part of this month’s 1st Thursdays at Orlando Museum of Art, Brian Feldman (Leap Year Day, Twitter of the Shrew, Why Would They Do That?, The End of Television: Part II, txt), will try to cry.


Peace and blessings Everyone,

I'm not yet able to post the breakdowns, however I am shooting a feature this summer called, INVITATION; in Kissimmee and we are in pre-production NOW.

If you know of great actresses, actors, crew, pa's etc... email me asap for early consideration.
The roles are open to all race and sex, ages 25-35 and one role for a male, age 45-55.
Six characters are in this production.

The characters need strong actors. Experience necessary for all positions, except PA.

Email me at if you are interested.

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