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CFLBlogCon: Central Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference


Orlando Science Center
777 East Princeton Street
Orlando, FL 32803
Sep 15 2012 10:00a - 8:00p

We are currently creating one of the most incredible conferences to hit the social media and blogging world of Central Florida – we’re so excited! We hope you’ll join us for the second annual CFLBlogCon at the Orlando Science Center from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday, September 15, 2012.

More details can be found at

Interested in saving a few bucks?

Register now for the low price of $49.00! This price will go up and this event will sell out! Register Now!

Insterested in becoming a speaker?

Back to Work Southwest Florida

Florida Creatives supporter Michele Lorito-Chase recently started a Facebook group for people who have been "displaced" from their jobs in Southwest Florida, and anyone looking for those displaced workers.

Back To Work Southwest Florida serves as a resource for both employers and job-seekers.

Business Owners, Companies, and HR Professionals can freely post on the wall available and current employment opportunities located within the region.

Employment and Job-Seekers can post a little about themselves and area of expertise.

back to work southwest florida

Who are you?

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Since we have Facebook logins on this site, that means the army of half a billion is collecting anonymous statistics about the folks who use this site. I think it's not a bad representation of the kinds of people that we see in real-life meetups as well.
flcreatives by age and gender
About two thirds male, and more than a third of all our members are 25-34.

But you guys aren't defined by statistics. Who are you... really? Let everyone know. Leave a comment, make yourself known.

Want more films made in Florida?

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Good luck with that. Someone on Facebook named Robert Spencer created "a group to inspire film makers and investors to do more than just think about making films here in Florida". I believe the operative word is think. Robert would like to see action, and as of this post, so do nearly 700 others. Filmmakers in Florida have some great opportunities, and this group is intended to highlight funding, I suppose.

I bet we can find 1,000,000+ people who want more films made in Florida

With the Florida Film Festival coming up soon, there could be some opportunities to meet the right people and make some awesome things happen.

Site Updates for 9/19/09

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Not a lot of news, but some important news:

I've been prepping to make some updates to - mostly, the home page. In the mean time, Kyle Nash, Eric Marden and I have been working on keeping the site software up-to-date and less spammy. If you haven't noted a marked reduction in spam this week, that's fine, as long as you don't think it's gotten worse! Jim Roberts has also volunteered to step up as a webmaster, to help us filter through spam and real comments (or ham).

Just for fun, I updated the Orlando Wiki - specifically the Orlando Wi-Fi page - which now tracks 45+ locations around Central Florida with free Internet access. Even the less geeky members of our site should be happy about that one!

At Likemind yesterday, Karie, Jolie, and Jeff discovered that Florida Creatives is on Facebook!

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