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Topic “electronic”

Nathan Selikoff Interactive Art from Show and Tell 6/7/11

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Florida Creatives is now hosting a monthly Show and Tell on the 1st Tuesday of every month at Urban ReThink. July 5th will be the third event, and we are always looking for new participants - anyone is welcome to attend.

Here is a Facebook video of Nathan's Show and Tell - a multi-dimensional pendulum installation with three screens, and three controls, two for parameters, and one to rotate the graphic in the center.

Animatronics Experimenter's Kit

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Aaron Fecther, creator of Showbiz Pizza's Rockafire Explosion, sells a kit for making a talking head animatronic robot. In this example he uses an air compressor, a light switch and a cassette deck to control the performance - exactly the same technology he used in the 1970s. A lot of people in the YouTube comments ask about using computers or MIDI, and I'm sure this is possible as well.

You can buy the kits from

Daft Punk Helmet with electric lights

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For more info on the build and process, check out my blog:

Pocket Piano - Synth Kit

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I was cruising the MakerShed (Make Magazine's store) and I saw this really cool kit. You can make your own synthesizer with 2 full octaves of keys. Think about it.

You also need an Arduino (direct link) to use this at all, which is useful for so many other things.

Dr. Moonstien

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as seen on myspace:

I will circuit bend your stuff for 20$ plus cost of parts. you want an 8 bit sampler that has rec. save play loop and tweek 40$ i make you one. hey i dont have cds to sell and i need some money to finance my remote controle republican. so send a message if you are interested.the sampler in the video is 80$ the casio fat tank is 20$ the scary monster is 80$the noisy blue thing is 20$

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