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Topic “creativity”

Give Your Creative Projects a Kickstart

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I heard about Kickstarter on a podcast interview with board member and contributor Andy Baio recently, and I am blogging about it as soon as I could. It's a way to get micro-investors for just about any project you would like to carry out, but can't afford to. Andy's project is to create an 8-bit tribute to Miles Davis called "Kind of Bloop".

From Andy Baio's blog: Kickstarter Launches!

Without constraint, creativity is irrelevant.

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I've just been reading an article from last month's installment of A List Apart - if you don't know it, you're not working on the web. They talk about lots of sticky situations and they get some of the brightest minds working on the web to tell you how they got out of the stickiness. They also often have articles like On Creativity by Andy Rutledge.

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