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Amethyst Nikolya

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Amethyst Nikolya
I'm an Environmental science graduate but my true love is writing and art. I am inspired by travel , nature and new experiences. I am a runner and overall athlete. I enjoy dance and getting lost. I started my own jewelry company a few years ago (focused on re-using materials) which I am currently working on marketing and expanding further. I have worked for a variety of online and in-print publications as a paid writer/blogger. I am currently plotting my escape to Europe, writing a book and doing contract work as a social media guru for Databanq. I am excited about meeting other creatives to have fun and network.
jewelry, writing, poetry, painting, art, cooking, traveling, running, personal training, networking, working, dancing, parkour, blogging, marketing, project management, grant writing, humor writing, PR
dance, running, athletics, travel , art, poetry, getting lost, nature, coffee, cooking, wine, culture,blogging, writing, parkour, beach
January 23rd

Burrow Press Seeks Short Story Submissions for Publication

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Dear Readers & Writers,

Burrow Press, a new independent publishing company based in Orlando, is now accepting short story submissions for its second book project, a collection of 12-15 of the best short stories you'll ever read.

If you live in Florida, or have a deep connection with the state, we want to read your short fiction. There is no restriction on content (it doesn't have to be about Florida), however, we are not looking for genre-heavy fiction (romance, sci-fi, etc). For the full run down on how and what to submit, check out our submissions page.

Also, read our blog and maybe even buy a copy of our first book.

Worlds of the Fantastic: Orlando Speculative Fiction Writers

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Worlds of the Fantastic is a new Meetup group of speculative fiction writers (science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and their many sub-genres) who live and meet in the Orlando area. Have fun with us as we create strange new worlds, beings, creatures, people, and more. Grow with us as together we perfect our craft.

Please join us for our first Meetup on March 4th at the Boston Coffee House in Waterford Lakes. Further information on our group and the Meetup can be found on our Meetup page.

Worlds of the Fantastic: Orlando Spec-Fic Writers - First Critique Meeting for March


Boston Coffee House
12789 Waterford Lakes Pky
Orlando, FL 32828
Phone: Phone: (407) 277-2220
Mar 04 2009 7:00p - 9:00p

Worlds of the Fantastic, an Orlando Speculative Fiction Writer's group, will be meeting at Boston Coffeehouse to have their first critique meeting of March.

Come and have coffee with us at 7:00pm. The critiquing session will start at 7:30pm. To join our meetup, please sign up at our meetup page here:

And then sign up for the meetup. If you wish to have something critiqued, make sure to submit it for other members to read before the meetup.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Hope to see everyone there!


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don't know if you guys know about this site but it has a wealth of knowledge all creative and scientific oriented.

i think florida creatives needs to talk and post more knowledge that they have. you guys are pretty smart... the wiki needs to be stocked with ideas and knowledge. i wish i knew wiki language. i'm gonna try it eventually. i have plenty of stuff i'd like to share.

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