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Topic “collaboration”

FLCreatives 29: Anna McCambridge and A Confluence

Anna McCambridge
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Local artist and curator Anna McCambridge joined us at the Maitland Art Center to discuss her most recent show, a joint show by 4 local artists, titled "A Confluence". Anna is the curator of the Visual Fringe, and helps to organize First Thursdays at the Orlando Museum of Art, as well as curating and supporting art all over Central Florida.

FLCreatives 28: Stefan Price's Friday Night Film Group

Stefan Price's Friday Night Film Group
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Local film professional, set and prop builder, and last but not least special FX guy Stefan Price is this month's subject. He's created a Friday Night Film Group in Winter Garden that produces internet television and short films under a Creative Commons license. He and his group are inviting just about anyone with a script and the right mindset to come play in their video sandbox.

Two things:

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Really bummed that I couldn't make the meetup last night, wanted to get to know/meet some of you.

This should prolly be a bio or a "hi, my name is and I do this and that" but I couldn't be bothered really, though I'm happy to if someone asks.

But on with it:

Looking for iPhone app builder

Very small startup publishing company wants to add an iPhone app to its book offers. Small problem: no Mac, no experience, no money. I'm looking for someone who can build the app and will accept a small percent of sales in return. Or possibly just some advice. Let's talk and see what happens.

Joseph Hayes

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