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Orlando Coworking featured in Chicago

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Medill Reports, the graduate Journalism student paper at Northwestern, recently wrote a piece on Chicago's COOP, a coworking space. Our own Eric Marden was in the space that day, and he was quoted in the article:

Coworking offers new freedom to freelancers

FLCreatives 24: CoLab Orlando

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Download Epiosode 24: Colab

Download Podcast 24
Length: 55:22

There have been some great things happening down at Orlando's coworking space, CoLab. We have a show recorded by Robert Dempsey and Greg Pederson live on Ustream, and a roundtable from the Florida Creatives Steering Committee at the end of February 2009, with Tim Rosenblatt, David and Rachael Rogers, and George Drage. Hosted by Ryan Price.

Shameless Links:

Coworking: What a Difference a Year Can Make

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About a year ago (February 26th, 2008), Gavin, Chad, Chris, Phil and myself were hanging out at CopyNight Orlando, and we got to talking about Coworking. This is when we came up with Coworking Tuesdays. Gavin and I stayed at Stardust long after closing, and I decided to shoot some video. A year later, it still says something:

Look at how far we've come since then: (98 members) (46 members) (211 members)

CoLab Advisory Committee and Future of Coworking in Orlando

Feb 25 2009 6:00p - 7:00p

Gregg Pollack wrote on the Coworking Orlando mailing list:

Yesterday I stopped by John Hussey's office, he wanted to talk to me
about CoLab. John Hussey, in case you're not aware, owns the Angebilt
Building where CoLab is located and helped put together CoLab. I assumed
CoLab wasn't bringing him as much income as he would have hoped, so I wasn't
sure what to expect from the meeting.

John let me know a few things. First of all that Fredda is no longer

CoLab - Orlando's First Coworking Space

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On January 21, 2009 there was an evening event down at CoLab Orlando, Orlando's first co-working space downtown. Here is a video summary.

Thanks to Gregg Pollack for the awesome video!

Coworking Rocks!


CoLab Orlando
37 N Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407.843.1111
Jan 21 2009 6:30p - 9:30p

You are Invited to Central Florida’s First Ever Coworking Celebration…

Alex Hillman, originally uploaded by Aeioux.

Special Guest: Alex Hillman, co-founder of IndyHall - a coworking space in Philadelphia.

Come join the coworking community of Central Florida.

We will have drinks, food and many interesting/fun people like you!

In addition, we will have the opportunity to have a “freeside chat” about the coworking movement with Alex. You can’t miss it!

RSVP by Monday January 19 via email us:

Help us spread the word: Coworking Rocks!@CoLab Orlando.

CoLab's $49 Deal Extended Through December

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I've spent several days in November at CoLab, Orlando's first coworking space, mostly because of the $49 deal announced for November, and because of the fact that desk fees are temporarily waived for Tuesdays. Personally, I can walk there from my house, and there's lots of good coffee and food on the way, so it's all pretty nice.

CoLab Orlando is Open!

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Greetings Coworkers!

CoLab Orlando is our first Coworking space in Central Florida, and I believe the second one in Florida, after Brikolodge in Miami. I am sitting in the space right now as I write this post.

CoLab is laid out with a general admission area as well as some private suites for rent. I believe the anchor rate will be $250 once this gets swinging, but for November, they have announced a monthly rate of $49, which I was happy to pay.

A full list of rates and amenities should be available over at

Work Together, Build the Bar

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Have you guys met Rachael Page yet? You may know her as David Rogers' girlfriend, or one of the folks on the advisory committee for CoLab Orlando (did anyone else notice the title of the page is "emailblast"?).

In lieu of meeting face-to-face, we have been having an email thread. I decided to get the conversation out of the back office and into the public forum.

On the setup of Florida Creatives:

A really fun quote I saw recently:

"Communities have to stop selling drinks and just build the bar."

Orlando Scene Session Video from BlogOrlando

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Last year at BlogOrlando we had a session called 'The Orlando Scene'. The concept was to bring together folks for different backgrounds to talk about things like cow-orking, start-ups, etc. It's a year later, so what's changed? We gathered some of the local area leaders to talk over what's going on in Orlando.

Watch more live videos from BlogOrlando

BlogOrlando session notes by Tim Welch


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