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Topic “barcamp”

Beautiful, BarCamp

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Fantastic job everyone. Discussion leaders, photographers, participants (could have been more participating, honestly) and especially organizers. Orlando is putting itself on the map with events like this, and will only continue to gain the eyes of the world.

I can't wait for BlogOrlando on Friday. That's right, it wasn't last week. I heard that a few times where people thought BarCamp was the Sunday of BlogOrlando instead of the Sunday before.

Don't think about exporting the culture of Silicon Valley

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Chris Messina is one of the thought leaders behind some of the concepts we here at Florida Creatives subscribe to: Coworking and BarCamp are the big ones. He made a great post today that seemed to be writing itself in my head as I was reading it. The short version is this: We don't want to be like San Francisco. It's true. My idea is that we want to be a better Orlando, or Tampa, or South Florida.

BarCamp in Orlando Sentinel

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Someone sent me an email this morning saying that was running a story on the upcoming BarCamp on Sept 23rd at Taste. The article is "A gathering of the geeks", and it sports a picture of a few people's hands and Jason Siefer's head (and one unidentified programmer, but I think he's an ORUG guy too).

Here's the most quotable part of the article by Wes Smith:

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