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100 Ideas

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1. Draw a picture with your eyes closed.
2. Take a roll of tape and stick the pieces to a canvas until you have finished off the roll. Paint every piece a different color.
3. Paint or draw over old, discarded magazines.
4. Draw a picture with rigid, immovable strokes.
5. Draw a picture with loose, swift strokes.
6. With markers or pencil, draw the most beautiful thing you can think of with only 12 lines.
7. Take an old comic book, one you don't like and have no idea why you still have it, and cut out the panels and rearrange them to make your own comic. Then paste them onto Bristol Board.
8. Go outside with markers in hand and write/draw a comic book for someone on a wall. leave space for someone else to come along and add to the comic book.
9. Buy an electric eraser.
10. Make a sculpture out of household items, i.e. cooking pot, a fork, a blanket, a CD. Then take a picture of it.
11. Go out and start drawing with sidewalk chalk.
12. Get a hot glue gun and start assembling something out of stuff around the house or yard.
13. Make posters or handmade stickers and put them up somewhere for strangers to see.
14. Make wheatpaste (also look up recipe instructions) for sticking posters onto walls and other structures (also wheatpasting is safe for environment).
15. Make stencils which you can do from photos, magazine clippings, printouts, your own drawings then you can use that stencil on clothes, canvas, walls, etc.
16. Just visiting galleries and museums can inspire art making and creative ideas also.
17. Always have something to draw ideas on all the time with you (great ideas could come out of anywhere).
18. Use napkins when out at restaurants or coffee houses to draw on when you have forgotten something to write and draw on.
19. Have friends scribble on a page and turn it into something. Make it a game.
20. Stare at the bumps on the ceiling, or the tile on the floor or the texture in a towel and pull images and shapes out of them.
21. When out and about use your imagination to morph everyday things into monsters, food, psychedelic shapes and then draw them.
22. Draw in a car on a bumpy road... it's frustrating but you learn to use it in your favor.
23. Work yourself into a frenzy by dancing to strange music and moving about and then sit down and illustrate the craziness you feel.
24. Juxtapose as many strange objects on one page as you can.
25. Draw something without doing any pre-prep or sketches. Start in a corner and fill the page.
26. Go out in a public setting and take pictures based on a theme i.e. space, subjectivity, the color red.
27. Paint on rocks then give them a personality and a name.
28. Save your pencil shavings in a small container. Dip a paintbrush in it and use it as shading/wash on your artwork.
29. Get dressed up in a Halloween costume in the middle of summer.
30. Take a long exposure in a dark room with a digital camera. Use a flashlight and paint the room with your light while the shutter is still open.
31. Take screen shots from computer games and use them as reference.
32. Search the internet for jokes and/or quotes - draw out the most interesting ones.
33. Draw an architectural blueprint of your dream home. Do you have a four car garage? Twelve bedrooms? The danger room from x-men?
34. Draw a robot and then write out in detail the purpose and function of every wire, chip, circuit board, piece of metal, etc.
35. Listen to the music of Beethoven or Mozart or any music with no lyrics. Try to paint a picture of what you are listening to.
36. Write out the ingredients for a cake, given that the cake has a bizarre theme, then draw it out. For example, what would a raw sewage cake look like?
37. Design a movie cover to sequels that have never been made.
38. Take 20 minutes out of your day to look up famous artists on the internet. You'd be surprised how much art is on the web.
39. Buy some mannequin heads that they use for clothing stores. Paint your favorite super-heroes face on them.
40. Find an abandoned tire outside. It shouldn't be too hard to find one. Take out the aluminum wheel well and paint it. The wheel well can be used to frame paintings.
41. Use sponges, leaves, moss, twigs, feathers, and such to paint creative textures in your work.
42. Take some of your old baseball cards and make your own cards out of them. All you would need to do is illustrate some designs, print out the new design on some thin cardstock, and then paste it to the original card.
43. Use tea bags for color washes. For instance a cranberry tea would produce a red wash. Experiment with green teas, chai teas, cranberry teas, blueberry teas, and other teas to get different colors. If you develop your own film, use teas in the developing process to produce various colors.
44. Re-design the famous Mona Lisa.
45. Create a mini comic book based off of a song.
46. Try all the styles of art (impressionism, abstract, realism, cartoon, etc) at least once.
47. Paint a picture based off of a purely random word. To randomize it, have someone you know pick a letter, then have somebody else you know pick a word from that letter.
48. Draw the same picture several times. Give each picture a different style.
49. Create a new species of insect from pipe cleaners and random household objects.
50. Paint a picture with no prior influences or ideas for that picture - just start painting. let your mind be silent and see what you can create from your heart.
51. Paint/Draw in a single color, using various shades of that color.
52. Redo a famous painting as a line drawing.
53. Redo a famous line drawing as a painting.
54. Pick a photograph, be it from a magazine, or off the net, or whatever, and write a brief story about what is happening.
55. Draw the same exact thing every day for a week. Put it away for about a month or so. Redraw it from memory.
56. Make a single line drawing (draw a picture with out ever lifting your pen/pencil from the paper.)
57. Get a group of 5 or more people. Each person writes a single sentence on a piece of paper. Pass the papers to the right. Read the sentence and write the next one to create the story. Fold the paper so that only your sentence is visible. Pass it to the right again. Continue until everyone has written on each page.
58. Take a photo or picture of someone and draw it upside down. When reversed, see if it comes close to the original.
59. Collect soda/beers caps. Glue onto a board or canvas, then spray paint white. Paint a portrait on your new canvas.
60. Using old dolls, strip off their hair and lashes and recreate a new one. The more demonic, the better.
61. Take a black and white photo of your pet and color it in with different patterns and crazy colors.
62. Recreate a famous painting using family photos.
63. Do a self portrait using pointillism.
64. Using markers, draw out your dreams.
65. As with surrealism, paint objects that shouldn't normally go together. for instance, paint a massive rose sitting in the living room.
66. As with impressionism, paint a landscape with quick colorful strokes.
67. Try to illustrate or write what a chicken is thinking.
68. Paint characters on wine corks. come up with a storyline with those characters and then take pictures of them. collect the pictures to be printed in a book.
69. Draw the same scene from a bird's eye view, straight on, and a worm's eye view.
70. Make a flip-book.
71. Have yourself & your friends think of things for you to draw or paint. Write them on slips of paper. Put them in a jar. Randomly draw one each day and do what it says.
72. Design your name into a Logo.
73. Paint using different body parts. Hold the brush between your toes, in your teeth, etc.
74. Paint on canvas and before it dries, sprits it with a water bottle to make the colors run.
75. Create a mosaic. Experiment with different tiles and stones.
75. Make a 3d pointillism project using pompoms or beads. Glue into place.
76. Write a poem about your favorite cartoon.
77. Draw a picture based on a popular song.
78. Make macaroni art like you did when you were a kid.
79. Create artwork totally blind. Close your eyes or work in a complete dark room.
80. Make a diorama based on a room of your house.
81. Draw/paint a picture of a room in your house in an underwater setting. Give it a surreal aspect.
82. Sit in a park, mall, or other public place. Based on your first impression, write a fake bio-paragraph about each person you see.
83. Without saying what you are, write a paragraph as if you were an inanimate object thinking. EX. Oh no, the bell! Soon my enemies will stab me with their yellow swords and twist my arm behind my back! (Pencil Sharpener)
84. Sit outside. Listen. Paint the sounds. Be abstract.
85. Write a poem or draw a picture then roll up the paper and stick it in a bottle. throw the bottle in a public urban setting somewhere. leave your business card in the bottle.
86. Try drawing with a pencil in each hand. sure it can be a total "splitting" headache, but you can eventually master drawing with two hands.
87. Take some tracing paper and trace over multiple images. once you have at least thirty images traced or the paper looks extremely crowded, go over one image in ink or markers to have a focal point.
88. Spray paint graffiti on your driveway.
89. Draw a life size portrait of yourself.
90. Cut masking tape into long jagged strips and place randomly on canvas. Paint a picture, then remove the tape. Either fill in the negative areas with color or print. Be adventurous, draw another picture within the spaces.
91. Draw a portrait of yourself as being from another culture or nationality.
92. Create a portrait using only strips of colored paper.
93. Create a picture using glue and different color ribbons.
94. Turn a mannequin into a work of art using different media.
95. Make a Paper Mache egg using a balloon, glue and newspaper. Add details and paint it when dry.
96. Make a life size person out of packing tape and saran wrap.
97. Build a sculpture out of wire coat hangers.
98. Build a an edible sculpture using vegetables and other foods. Toothpicks and skewers work great to hold together.
99. Draw people you know as comic book characters. Give them all silly powers.
100. Paint a mural of cartoon characters on your own bedroom wall.

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