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New Media Orlando May 2010 Meetup Notes

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At our May New Media Meetup last night, we took a tip from Open Space Technology and had everyone write down their name and a topic on a 3x5 card. We then discussed each topic for 5 minutes. By the time we reached the end of the last 5 minute topic, I had written all of the following notes into iEtherPad, a great tool for online real-time communication and document editing.

Also, the Snap! Photo Festival is coming up next week. There are a lot of events that could use some blog, video, photo (duh!) or other new media coverage. Certainly worth our time.

Eric Palm
"Setting up an assignment desk for video"
* As a way to spark people to create local content, is there a way to create a central "assignment desk"
* YouTube Direct may be a possible solution
* Is it an online calendar?
* Yes, and people can submit their work. We could host it all on YouTube.
* Instead of a loosley organized system, the YouTube Direct system could be an easier way to get more eyeballs on what people are creating... as well as collect suggestions / assignments. This could get picked up by the Daily City or other local blogs
* So is the key to have the video brought in with a simple format? Like a long version and a "convenient version? Are they edited?
* They should be edited. If there is someone capturing video that is not an experienced editor, we could hook people up with a more experienced filmmaker.
* Calendar-based? Story-based? Is there a way to prevent one event from being covered too often? Is there any editorial control?
* If someone goes to a concert, and wants to upload a mobile video, we can curate the submissions, and select the best submissions.
* think CNN iReport. If there is a hurricane, we can collect submissions quickly, edit it, and provide an alternative
* Is there the ability to share raw video?
* Yes, and photos as well

Darren McDaniel
"Aggregating & Amplifying"
* Related to UrbanThink, we are talking about a lot of different topics related to the Creative Community
* Talked about making a Creative Directory, also would be cool to build a directory of Creative Projects. Can we make a repository for knowing when things are coming up? Could feed into the Assignment Desk idea as well.
* Web Based?
* Probably. The idea is how to bring things into the spotlight, and how to get people involved, either as an audience member or participant.
* Audience?
* The Coworking aspect of UrbanThink - as new people come in, we don't want to just market to the people creating things, but also their patrons. If we bring the patrons in, there could be access to wider resources.
* Makes Orlando a "creative hub".
* e.g. If you don't know about Sak Comedy Lab - you can get the skinny on it.
* e.g. For people that have never heard of the Fringe Festival, or what shows are good to see there...
* Yelp?
* Can we use Yelp as a repository for this kind of information?
* Get in touch with Colleen Burns, the Yelp Community Organizer for Orlando

Erik Baldwin
"What is the role of Blogging and Informing the Community around us about yourself?"
* Why should I be blogging? Do people care?
* e.g. My brother does theatre at UCF, doesn't know about the Fringe Festival.
* For people like me, who aren't making themselves heard, how do we get them to share?
* If you start writing about a subject on which you are passionate, and start linking out to others, the links will start coming in as well.
* e.g. Eric P's wife writes a book blog, and she has pockets of readers all over the globe, like military people all over the globe
* Michael does Orlando Event TV, but he is going to start focusing more on a niche about which he is passionate: Comedy. There is no text going out, which makes it hard for people to find in Google.
* I just heard about the 37 Singals' book "ReWork". Could be used as a teaching tool, it talks about blogging as a way to create a brand
* Once you're out there you become seen as a point person, as a member of a community. (Eric P.) I moved here from New York, and I used local blogs and communities to get connected,

Michael Poley
"Orlando Comedy-Related News"
* I'm developing to try and get people on the same page. There are different genres, sketch, improv, etc. People know about SAK, but not Slueths, etc. Try and be an authoritative resource.
* I'll be putting together a sketch night in June, collect submissions.
* I've connected with people from Hard Rock to get interviews with touring artists, and use that as a way to get some traffic too.
* What is his repository?
* YouTube - can use videos from other people's channels. YouTube or Vimeo. I tried self-hosting, but I think one of the other services is better. YouTube is great.
* Hoping to collect the community?
* Where do you go for help?
* I've found 37 Signals writing helpful. I like Wordpress. Is there a local wordpress expert?
* There is a Wordpress User Group locally?
* What is local? The farmer's market? Does local have the same impact when you factor in the internet?
* Face-to-Face will always be important
* The new tools

Stephen Matheney
"A Repository..."
* Someone's interest in a particular topic could really fuel them to participate. Can we tag things, geographically, or by topics - extract content out into an Orlando-speicific site where we can find all this content?
* I think transcribing content can really help people find the content. There are transcribing services out there.
* Broadcast companies and telecommunications are starting to merge, and streaming protocols and video codecs will be easier to navigate soon.
* If you write a blog in Orlando about Comedy, and it was properly tagged, it would be easier to find. This is where RDF and the Semantic Web enter into it. It makes your content ultimately more visible
* What about a common taxonomy?
* OpenCalais? Google Search API?
* Could we talk to Rodney DeGracia and Refresh Orlando about trying to educate the local community of developers about RDF and Semantic Web?

Ryan Price
"Collecting Community Contributions"
* Does a sense of place and community help us collect contributions?
* There used to be a public television buling on Virginia Ave that was funded, where we would train people, and then the content created would get pushed out over a Public Access Cable Channel.
* There was also the Downtown Media Arts Center - a focal point for hanging out, there were editing stations, a screening room, a gallery, and a cafe.
* I'd like to talk about this in the context of the Creative Village.
* With the public TV space, the funding ran out, and people dispersed to NPR and other public media channels.
* I think Bright House is supposed to have Public Access, Orange TV is like that, but it doesn't exist on basic cable, and they have their own editorial agenda...
* Who can we talk to about getting BH to provide the bandwith for a public media?
* Would they only want to put that on the RoadRunner home page?
* Steve says it would be easy to set it up on a scheduled broadcast...

John Learned
"Highlight Orlando... Can I do this on my own blog?"
* This is about the News. I talked myself out of it, because nobody cares... I'd like to dig deeper on some projects that aren't finished, or stories that are "old" by news standards
* EveryBlock?
* Maybe what we need is a collection site, so I can attract people that know the answers to these questions... Can we go beyond what any one news outlet provides?
* This could help control the FUD and political messages.
* There may be some info about Disney that is old, inaccurate, or what not. I twittered about it and got an answer within 5 minutes?
* "Community Experts" - like Yahoo Answers, without all the spam...
* As the Sentinel shrinks, we stopped hearing about Scott Joseph and Elizabeth Maupin, even though they are still out there writing independent blogs...
* Could we set up a "Planet" style blog?
* There is no vetting or fact-checking...
* John was thinking about something more like a Wiki
* contains all the bad answers too... Snopes?
* Jud: there still must be an arbiter, a fact-checker, etc.
* John: you can always see the original, a la
* Steve: when you send something off to be transcribed, you ask several people to transcribe, to make sure you get a consistent answer.
* There is a site out there, to tag Twitter Posts as valid, based on repeated information?

Jud French
"The Creative Village - What should it be? Do people care?"
* There should be an online Portal to collect the information around the Creative Village. Soon, land developers will be presenting their plans for the physical layout of the Creative Village.
* If we have this real-world place, the Creative Village, that brings together different kinds of art, and things the City asked to be in the RFP. How does the Creative Village enter into your plans for the future?
* Erik: The most important part of the Village is the Community. They need the input of the community.
* Jud: they really have been doing stuff like that.
* John: How much do "they" want to control it? (the city) To not let it grow Organically.
* Jud: Their model is to bring in a developer, a master-planner: architects, urban planners. The developers are supporters and patrons of the arts, and they have been on the streets asking for input from various communities.
* Charrette - you get the input of tons of people - a community design process. Often have examples from other projects, other spaces. Like a focus group, but with a lot more interaction.
* Another developer is very experienced developing downtown projects.
* If there is a virtual place, maybe the Creative Village can be a real-world hub like that.
* There may be one large company acting as an anchor, as well as UCF, UF, and House of Moves. They would like other Educational Institutions, and re-configurable spaces. They asked for a hotel, and possibly keep/toss Bob Carr.
* Could there be flexible auditorium space, to hold ad-hoc meetings.
* Perhaps UrbanThink could be a great start, and a grassroots beginning to what Orlando will evolve into.
* Unlike Atlanta or SoHo, there is no loft space, no existing cheap buildings. Can you artificially create inexpensive loft space?
* Erik: it's not just what it is, but how it is created... Isn't the city leapfrogging the actions of a future community?
* It is about creating a Peitri Dish or the Primordial Ooze that allows this organism to grow. The planners involved have looked at other similar areas around the globe, and are trying to learn from the mistakes there.
* The writing of Richard Florida has really influenced people to want to create these areas in their cities. It took almost a decade for New York's SoHo to explode, and it took certain catalyzing people and actions to make things grow.
* If the economic infrastructure isn't there to support future explosive growth, then the growth never happens.
* The new $242M tax incentive is going to enable this. It puts Digital Media at parity with film, and we've collected feedback from the Digital Media community / industry to make sure that small projects ($100-$250K) can get some of the benefits too. Hopefully this incents a lot of the small producers to go for slightly larger projects... a lot of the film industry left because of the large incentives offered in other states and countries.
* Digital Domain's new studio wants to do with Film what FIEA is beginning to to with EA Games. Digital Domain is partnering with FSU, and place students in the studio here in Florida, instead of off-shoring the labor. Students now have real-world portfolios.
* One great thing that could come from the Creative Village is the attitude that I don't have to outsource this work, that it's available here. Outsourcing is not succeeding as well as expected.
* Did you go to TEDx in Miami? They are trying to spread the word about this Tax Incentive.
* The woman from IBM will be talking to Miami-Dade to have work funneled to college students learning Java, again to prevent more work from going overseas.
* Eric Ochen who runs Semantic Seed, was a big supporter of TEDx and brought the Startup Weekend to the event as well.


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I also posted a personal

I also posted a personal follow-up on my blog:

Does it make sense to have the next meetup on Tuesday, June 8th?

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