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Coworking in the News

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Entrepreneurs turn to coworking for business, community building

Many laid off people have launched their businesses or have become private consultants. With more people branching out and doing their own thing, coworking has caught on as an innovative workplace culture in many communities -- including Sacramento.

Sharing is Green (And Good for Your Wallet)
"Many who cowork love the collaborative aspect of it—sharing space, and also ideas."

Jobs 4 You: Affinity Lab Helps Dreamers

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The reporter uses the word "business incubator", but incorrectly.

New trend: 'Co-working,' where people share office space

The concept is not new. Such facilities surfaced a couple years ago, but they are thriving because the economy has forced companies and non-profits to use them as a practical way to save money. They are especially appealing to one-person businesses, which grew 8% in 2008, the most recent year for which data are available, according to the Small Business Administration.
Many freelancers need nothing more than a Wi-Fi connection, but some independent contractors or people who work remotely want to bounce their ideas off others. A new study of 3,600 telecommuters commissioned by Microsoft revealed their No. 1 complaint was lack of face-to-face interaction.

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