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Hackerspace in Altamonte Springs near Orlando

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We are FAMiLab, a hackerspace in west Altamonte Springs. We have a temporary wiki-site up at If you are unfamiliar with the hackerspaces concept, we are a non-profit public organization structured to model a Direct Democracy with a small memberbase.

Once a Hackerspace gets too large, it seems natural that they'd split to better serve the locations of the members. As they say in the hackerspaces community, "When there are fewer than 2 members per space, we know we have too many spaces. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it." It's partly the reclamation of corporate property, partly creating a safe-haven for socially-questionable but perfectly legal activities, partly a social club atmosphere to encourage hacking, and partly an attempt to legitimize and bring back the traditional Hacker Ethic to the world at large.

Most geeks become familiar with the Hacker Ethic early in their lives, but it's short so worth repeating:
1. Sharing
2. The "Hands-On" Imperative
3. Collaboration/Community

Sounds kind of like a pre-school code-of-conduct, but, cmon, who didn't have fun in pre-school?

The FAMiLab Open-Lab Hackerspace is having a meeting tomorrow at 8pm at our leased location at:
South Seminole Business & Storage
Unit #134
540 N SR 434
Altamonte Springs, FL

And you are all welcome to attend. If you decide to come, you'll need a gate code, so when you get to the gate give me (tetsu) a call at 407-666-0933.

Hope to see some of you there!

(This isn't an open-house, as we're still building. Open-house is planned for mid-january, but could use more members to help with rent and financing. Dues are $50/mo.)

We have meetings every Tuesday at 8pm.

Membership is $50/mo. We have rent to cover, and we want people to take it seriously, so membership will never be free. Maybe at some point we could go down to $15/mo or something, especially for students. That'd be pretty cool. Or keep it at $50 and start buying up laser etchers/cutters and cnc machines, database rigs, servers, bigger internet tubes, and at some point a dump truck.

The Hackerspaces movement is trying to make spaces as public and open as possible, so you are free to visit and use the space without paying, as long as someone with a key lets you in.

Membership gets you a key and voting rights. We would hope at least a core group of devoted individuals continues to help financially support the space. Even if it's $5 or $15 a month, it adds up.

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