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Site Updates for 9/19/09

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Not a lot of news, but some important news:

I've been prepping to make some updates to - mostly, the home page. In the mean time, Kyle Nash, Eric Marden and I have been working on keeping the site software up-to-date and less spammy. If you haven't noted a marked reduction in spam this week, that's fine, as long as you don't think it's gotten worse! Jim Roberts has also volunteered to step up as a webmaster, to help us filter through spam and real comments (or ham).

Just for fun, I updated the Orlando Wiki - specifically the Orlando Wi-Fi page - which now tracks 45+ locations around Central Florida with free Internet access. Even the less geeky members of our site should be happy about that one!

At Likemind yesterday, Karie, Jolie, and Jeff discovered that Florida Creatives is on Facebook!

Another bit of news - you can sign in and create an account on using your Facebook email and password. If you already have an account, sign in the normal way first, then go to your My Account page and click the Facebook tab. Here, you can put in your facebook credentials, and facebook will import your user picture and a bunch of settings. Any feedback is very welcome here.

The Facebook group now has over 300 members, and whenever I can, I try to post our monthly events (Happy Hour and Likemind) there to remind people through as many channels as possible. However, right now the Brevard and South Florida events don't get posted to that group - I think that would have to be up to Gil, Mike or Travis to do.

If anyone wants to help post monthly events to Facebook (or, please just leave a comment here or send me a message, I'd be happy to grant you whatever super-secret power you need to take the initiative. It's kind of a joke because you all have the power right now. You don't need to wait for me to ask you to make the event listings, just do it. If you want to join JR in being a webmaster, I'd be happy to make you a moderator. Just ask.

See you all on Monday for Happy Hour!

Did you know Florida Creatives is in a bunch of other places too? Join us!

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