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Give Your Creative Projects a Kickstart

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I heard about Kickstarter on a podcast interview with board member and contributor Andy Baio recently, and I am blogging about it as soon as I could. It's a way to get micro-investors for just about any project you would like to carry out, but can't afford to. Andy's project is to create an 8-bit tribute to Miles Davis called "Kind of Bloop".

From Andy Baio's blog: Kickstarter Launches!

Kickstarter aims to let creative people of all kinds -- journalists, artists, musicians, game developers, entrepreneurs, bloggers -- raise money for their projects by connecting directly with fans, who receive exclusive access and rewards in exchange for their patronage.
If you want to raise money to build an iPhone app, make a run of t-shirts, or print a book, you can do it with absolutely no risk or up-front costs. If there's enough demand for your idea, you'll be able to sell every copy before you've spent a dime.

Kickstarter also offers publishing tools, where creators can post project updates with audio and video, either publicly or for backers only. For projects without a physical reward, exclusive updates could be a great incentive for people to get involved.



RenegadeScribe wrote 8 years 46 weeks ago

Wow, this is a great thing.

Wow, this is a great thing. I have a couple of creative projects that need some funds that this would be a perfect thing for. Too bad they haven't opened it up to other projects as of yet. :-(

brianfeldman wrote 8 years 46 weeks ago

Might this post change my

Might this post change my LIFE??!

Gareth S Price wrote 8 years 46 weeks ago

Seems to be more for seeking

Seems to be more for seeking patrons/donors than investors... would be interesting to expand the system to handle actual investing (ie. micro-venture capital which generates a return), but I'd imagine it would make things a *lot* more complicated - both in terms of the code and regulating the participants.

Some cool projects on there though, definitely worth watching.

ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 8 years 46 weeks ago

One such micro-investment

One such micro-investment site is called Prosper. You can hear a little about it in Podcast with ELLA Festival founder Robert Johnson:

Kickstart is more of a donation/patronage model, indeed, but the idea of rewards introduces a non-monetary return, more like a pledge to PBS.

Ryan Price

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