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Orlando Weekly Write-up on Ignite Orlando

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Seth Kubersky has a weekly column called Live Active Cultures: if you don't read it, it's one of the best reasons to pick up the paper every week; it gives you an idea of what you missed.

Our group is no stranger to the Weekly's pages, but we are always grateful for a mention. In this case, there was a shout-out to Florida Creatives and yours truly, as well as a nice write-up about the first Ignite Orlando and several of the speakers.

Read this week's Live Active Cultures for the Ignite Orlando article, or pick up the Orlando Weekly from hundreds of spots around Central Florida. Mentioned in the article are Ryan Price, Dan Kinchen, Gregg Pollack, Brian Feldman, Tyler Hunt, Derek Gallo, Eric Marden, Greg Rollett, John Todero, Cory Collier, Matthew Williams, and Anthony Eden.

Many thanks, Seth. Also, if you don't regularly read Bloggytown or Culture 2 Go, check them out.

Anthony Eden, The Lies We Tell Ourselves:

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P.S. if you want to be mentioned in the paper, maybe you should participate in Ignite next time. if you did participate but didn't get mentioned, blame Seth!


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Sheree Rensel wrote 9 years 8 weeks ago

In the video, Anthony Eden,

In the video, Anthony Eden, The Lies We Tell Ourselves, everything he mentions is the truth! We do lie to ourselves all the time. It is the easy way out. It helps to avoid fear. It is a form of paralysis. To say you CAN'T is not only untrue, it is ridiculous. We all do what we want to do. Nobody makes you do anything. So if you WANT to change something in your life, stop lying and just go do it.
Sheree Rensel

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