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Any work out there?

Hello Florida Creatives Community,

I have been working on starting my business since last May and over the last couple of month, business has been VERY slow. So I am in need of some work to make ends meet. Do you know of any opportunities? Here is my resume. Any advice, leads, connections are very much appreciated. Thanks!

Karie Brown

My Resume

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kbrown05's picture
kbrown05 wrote 8 years 22 weeks ago

Thanks Ryan! My personal

Thanks Ryan!

My personal twitter is
and my company twitter is

As for what I do, I copied and pasted my resume below. In short, I have mostly directed projects for work up until this point. I am a creative problem-solver, I am great and collaborating efforts to accomplish tasks, and I am a good salesperson. I think of myself as a pretty well-rounded person and very adaptable. Here is my resume:

I am a self-motivated entrepreneur looking for a job that is challenging and rewarding. I started a green, fashion company called Kariesue Creations in May 2009. My merchandise is presently sold in 5 local stores! I also run, bike, and rock-climb and have done them all, all over the world. I also love volunteering and do so at Destiny Foundation, Orlando Union Rescue Mission, Restore Orlando, and St. Andrews Society. I am also a volunteer board member for Ourlando.

HR, Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL 2002-2009
I was the research and development representative. I orchestrated and hosted webinars, training sessions, and a staff training website. I studied current strategies for new staff training curriculum and developed a cohesive program for training their staff.

Recruiting, Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL 2007-2009
I went to conferences and met with prospective students who might join our company.

Project Worker, Campus Crusade for Christ, Kansas City, KS/Beijing, China 2002-2006
Started ministries: hispanic, inner city, and campus ministries in Kansas City for two years. I also started 3 ministries in Beijing. I also lead a team for one week in Mexico City.

Fundraiser, Campus Crusade for Christ, St Louis, MO 2002-2009
I initially raised $50,000 in 9 months and continued to raise that amount for the seven years I was on staff. This included speaking at churches, before groups, and meeting people in their homes.

Coordinator, Lifeskills Foundation, St. Louis, MO 1999-2002
I coordinated a team of health-care advocates for people with disabilities in St. Charles, MO. I had 5 people under my supervision and 15 case-loads.

Missouri Baptist College, St Louis, MO (Christian Education and Family Counseling)
Bachelor’s, Sigma Tau Delta (English Honers)
In my thirst for knowledge and growing I have taken courses at the following institutions:
Covenant Seminary, St Louis, MO (Master’s Level Group Counseling)
Trinity Evangelical Seminary, Chicago, IL
Beijing Technology School, Beijing, China (Chinese Language)
Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL (Wisdom Literature)
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (Master’s Level Anthropology)

Sales, Design, Problem Solving, Research and Development, PC and Macintosh (Very comfortable with all programs in Microsoft Office), Creative, Project Management, Management, Teaching, Speaking, Training, Process Management, Career Coaching and Assessments, Writing (Journalism and Literature)

ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 8 years 22 weeks ago

@eric @rodney Corrected a

@eric @rodney Corrected a small formatting problem, you should be able to see Karie's links now.

xentek's picture
xentek wrote 8 years 22 weeks ago
rodneydegracia wrote 8 years 22 weeks ago

What is your Twitter URL and

What is your Twitter URL and Home Page URL?

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