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Hello All,

Great meet up yesterday evening. As I mentioned, we are going to do a piece for Space Coast Business on the Florida Creatives Brevard Group. If you have a chance, can you add a comment to this post with what you do, your thoughts on the group and, any cool projects you are working on?

Have a great weekend.



Alex Rudloff wrote 8 years 50 weeks ago

Hi! I'm Alex, I've been


I'm Alex, I've been involved with Florida Creatives since the first meeting over at Dexters in Orlando a few years ago. I recently moved to Satellite Beach and have really enjoyed seeing the community start coming together around the concept here in Brevard County (though I wasn't able to attend last night.. :()

I work from home for AOL. I co-founded a company ( which was acquired by AOL in 2008. Currently working on an entirely new version of that will launch late this summer. My current 'side-project' is, which ranks/tracks the top twitter users.

Florida Creatives has been a great way to get out and interact with like minded people here locally. Its a pretty unique meet up group in that it focuses on bringing together various creative trades. There's a common thread that seems to exist amongst creative types, and the concept of the group really speaks to that.

sdgweb wrote 8 years 50 weeks ago

Hello Gwendolyn, First time

Hello Gwendolyn,

First time here, pretty new. Had something going on last night, would have loved to meet you all.

Space Coast Biz Mag, is a great magazine, I'm subscribed to it.

The articles are good and the exposure for any business as well. Is the group going to be featured here?

Is there any joint projects that this group is doing?

Cesar Abueg
SDG Web Agency

Daisy Blakelock wrote 8 years 50 weeks ago

Hello! I am a freelance

Hello! I am a freelance film/video editor who recently moved to central Florida from southwestern Ohio. I am really glad that I stumbled across this group--my fiance and I had been looking for a way to meet other creative individuals--and I look forward to future meet-ups. I do wish that the meet-ups were more often than once a month, but I understand that others might not have as much spare time as I currently do. :) I am currently in the pre-production (research) phase of making an animated documentary about the Skunk Ape. I hadn't heard of the Skunk Ape until I read Weird Florida, but apparently he (I think it's a he) is some sort of local big foot who lives in the woods near the St. John and he smells like rotten cabbage! I don't know if our project will be in Smell-o-vision, but that's a definite possibility!

cheetahtech wrote 8 years 50 weeks ago

Hey all, Sorry I couldn't

Hey all, Sorry I couldn't come last night. Jeeps in the shop. I guess I missed a great turn out.

I agree with the new comer Daisy that it should be more than once a month.

Any thought on that? Maybe once every two weeks? I know I would try real hard to come out to events...

I am a software engineer working on a few side projects that will hopefully propel my business into the stratosphere.

Alex, we should talk...

Alex Rudloff wrote 8 years 50 weeks ago

sure thing. email me at alex

sure thing. email me at alex at emurse dot com.

ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 8 years 50 weeks ago

Hey Scott, nice to see you

Hey Scott, nice to see you active here. The meetups have been getting some great attendance in the last few months.

Have you been down there yet? Granted, I only get out there maybe every other month, since I'm driving from Orlando, but I'd love to talk to you more about the TED idea. (well, if you're still planning on doing it)

Ryan Price

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