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Angelsoft: Find early stage funding in your area

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Rodney over at Refresh wrote a post about Angelsoft recently, and I thought I would share it here as well.

Angelsoft is a tool for investors and entrepreneurs - to help them find each other, or manage relationships with people they met off-line. For the investors, they can keep track of "deals" and information about their portfolio. For entrepreneurs, they can manage their business plan and submit it directly to investors (if they're using the service). Angelsoft will also assist you in printing and sending out your business plan.

It honestly reminds me a lot of Emurse, which was developed here in Central Florida by Florida Creatives co-founder Alex Rudloff and his partner Gavin Baker. Emurse has a number of similar services for managing a resume or CV, and is a really indispensable service I have gotten great value out of a number of times. If Angelsoft can be even a little bit as useful to people starting companies, I'm pretty excited.


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David S. Rose wrote 8 years 6 weeks ago

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the kind words! What makes Angelsoft so useful is not just its feature set (which is extremely powerful, being the result of five years of continuous development by a world-class tech team), but also the connectivity/collaboration it enables. Angelsoft has become the de facto standard for the global early stage financing industry, and is now used by over 500 angel investment groups, venture capital funds and corporate investment teams in 45 countries to process funding applications from entrepreneurs.

The numbers are revealing: the platform is currently servicing over 20,000 individual accredited angel investors and VCs, who in aggregate review a staggering 3,000+ business plans each month. We're looking forward to adding a wide variety of tools for both entrepreneurs and investors in the coming months that should (if we do our job right) make Angelsoft the universal toolkit for every high-growth startup seeking equity funding. Stay tuned for some exciting things to come!

-David S. Rose
CEO, Angelsoft

PS: Emurse looks pretty cool. If you guys are still involved with the product post-AOL, you might want to drop me a note to see if there's some way we can work together...

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