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Two Orlando tech training startups featured in NYT

Treehouse's Ambassador, played by Michael Poley
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Our friends in downtown Orlando were featured in a New York Times blog today:

Coding Start-Ups Compete for Booming Market by Jessica Bruder:

If you build it, they will code.

That’s the attitude behind a groundswell of learn-to-program start-ups, all competing to put aspiring coders through their paces online. With target audiences ranging from neophytes living under rocks – “What’s a browser?” – to tech-savvy kids, entrepreneurs and mid-level developers, these young Web companies use game mechanics and narrative techniques to hold users’ attention and are part of the ongoing boom in online education.

Here’s a look at three coding start-ups that are leading the way:

Sorry Codecademy, my love for Orlando made me skip your profile.

Congrats to all the hard work and innovativity it took to get to this point. Keep it up!

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