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New FLCreatives Home Page!

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Well over a year ago, I set out on a mission to make the Florida Creatives website a more usable and self-discoverable website. I think it started when someone looking at the site asked "Are you guys on Twitter?", and when I thought about how to point that out to him, I found it just was not obvious. This was the original whiteboard sketch I came up with:

I asked FLCreatives member Erik Baldwin to put together his interpretation of this design in Photoshop for me to slice up, and the multi-colored bar at the top of the page was born soon afterwards.

Then a lot of time passed.

I have been making incremental updates to the site, but the other day I was inspired to cross the finish line and re-launch the home page of the site. After lots of after-hours point-and-click sessions with lots of hyphen-friendly thought, copywriting, not to mentionDrupal blocks, Context and Panels tweaking, I feel like I've come up with something I am proud to show to others.


Most of what I have added is text to explain what the heck you're looking at - I also wanted the home page to give you an overview of the myriad things we offer here, and how you can become a part of it all very easily.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but I'll be damned if this doesn't feel good.

Comments and other feedback are very welcome, but please try to keep things constructive. I am doing what I can in my free time here.

Recently Added:

On the laundry list:

  • More visual candy (volunteers?)
  • User profiles - make it easier to find people
  • Testimonitals + More Words from Members, period
  • Portfolios, Galleries, Media / Video
  • Get someone else to record at least one FLCreatives Podcast (volunteers?!)
  • List users on Group home pages
  • Allow Groups to have a custom home page
  • Tweak bookmarks, styling, categories, tags, location data
  • RSVP for events, etc
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