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HealthCamp Florida 2012

HealthCamp Florida


Florida Hospital
601 East Rollins Street Creation Conference Center
Orlando, FL 32803
Apr 27 2012 8:00a - 4:30p

HealthCamp Florida is bringing together the amazing people that create The Remarkable Innovations that Are Transforming Health Care

HealthCamp Orlando will be a different kind of meeting, often called an unconference, whereby participants who wish to present come prepared to speak about a topic of interest.  As such, an unconference does not have the usual type of pre-planned speakers.  The topics and presenters will represent various aspects of the Health Care industry and, for this event, will focus on Technology, Process and Policy as discussion areas for innovation. The event will offer inspiring moments and showcase the remarkable innovations and people who are transforming Health Care.

The LAN.  The Learning and Action Network.

Everyone has knowledge that can contribute to better care.  The Learning and Action Network (LAN) encourages physicians, other health care providers and community stakeholders to work together to turn challenges into opportunities and harness the power of a 24/7 community for improving healthcare.  The LAN explores innovative strategies for transforming care delivery while sharing tools, methods, lessons learned and resources.  Participants are among the first to know about improvements, innovations, and practical knowledge that can be used in their practices and communities.

Who Should Attend

This event for is for anyone who is interested in innovations in health care and would like to get together and share their knowledge.

  • Health innovators, entrepreneurs, related inventors and early adopters in health care.
  • Health policy experts and executives in health-related industries that expect to be impacted by innovations:
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospitals
  • Health care facilities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Health Practitioners
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Office staff
  • Medical students

The Event.  It's all about the schedule.

Unlike traditional meetings, HealthCamp’s agenda is set in the morning with a blank schedule.  It is then filled up by attendees that want to do a presentation.  Facilitators help fill in times and room locations for the presenters.  The LAN combines both a traditional format with lots of opportunities for networking and conversations.  Don’t be surprised if during the day someone wishes to gather a group together for a spontaneous discussion.  Attendees check the board for topics of interest and plan their day. Participants will use methods such as online interaction, social media and peer-to-peer education to foster an all teach, all learn environment.

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