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Central Florida Coders, Creatives & Entrepreneurs Pow-wow

The Plaza


Voxeo Headquarters
189 S. Orange Avenue 10th Floor
Orlando, FL 32801
Apr 27 2011 7:00p

What is it? Central Florida has several thriving, yet disjointed communities. There are groups of software developers, filmmakers, designers, entrepreneurs and an array of other creative individuals. We're inviting the leaders and members of these communities to join us for a brainstorming meetup on how to build an even stronger, more vibrant community of DOERS. This is a FREE EVENT and open to any and all who would like to participate in building a better community. Why? We have all of the pieces and parts of a strong and vibrant tech & creative community, but somehow we're not quite living up to our full potential. By bringing together community organizers, thought leaders and people who actually know how to get things done, we think we can help lift Orlando beyond its stigma as merely a family vacation destination and put it in its proper place on par with other cities like Seattle, Portland and Austin. It's a "meta-meetup" to discuss how we can work together to make our community better. Who? This meetup is the brainchild of Johnny Diggz, a 15-year resident of downtown Orlando, musician, filmmaker, theater producer, programmer and co-founder of Voxeo, one of Orlando's leading technology companies. Diggz will be joined by Willow Brugh, director of Jigsaw Renaissance, a Seattle hacker/maker community who will be lending us her experience and expertise on how to mirror successes in her community. Willow is also the program director of Geeks without Bounds a not-for-profit alliance of hackers, coders and geeks united by the common goal of assisting communities in distress. We'll also be joined by representatives from some of Central Florida's largest tech, creative and startup communities. Who Should Attend? Leaders and members of existing groups of coders, makers, hackers, filmmakers, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs...anyone with a passion for doing things and wants to work with other like-minded people. Please Register on EventBrite:

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