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January Creative Events

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First of all, let me plug the Florida Creatives Happy Hour. Our next event is Monday, Jan. 21st from 6-9PM at the Crooked Bayou. This event has become such a strong driving force in our community, and it's time to expand. I invite all of you to invite one friend from a non-technical creative field - visual art, poetry, acting, a film, dance, journalism, architecture, etc. If you are one of these people, invite one of your friends. If your friends aren't interested, we should figure out what we can do as a group to make them interested. For a number of weeks I was trying to recruit people to help me with a poster campaign. I also remember a few people asking me if they could help us design a better Florida Creatives web site. I haven't forgotten you.

Second I have to mention the BarCamp planning party Saturday, Jan. 12th. Gregg Pollack and his wife are opening up their home to us again to discuss possibilities for a second BarCamp this spring. Check out for details.

I am very excited about this next event. Johannes Grenzfurthner, better known as a member of the Austiran art collective monochrom are visiting Orlando and they're hosting an event at Redlight Redlight on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd. According to Ian Monroe (Orlando Weekly), if you've never heard of monochrom, "then you haven't
been paying attention." He's quite right. He copied several links to their far-reaching and thought-provoking work in a recent email that was copied to the Florida Creatives mailing list (you are a subscriber, right?) I invite you to check them out and DO NOT MISS this event.

We also have our likemind.orl coffee hour on Friday, Jan. 18th at B & S Daily Market from 8-11AM. Coffee is sponsored, and Manny also has treats, magazines, hot dogs and pressed sandwiches. This event is centered a bit more around coworking instead of socializing, but plenty of that happens as well.

A similar type event happens in Winter Park every Tuesday: Cup-O-Code. This event was started by Mike G of CFPHP (but he's left us for greener pastures in NYC), and happens every Tuesday from 7-9PM or as long as Steve lets us use their private conference room.

Also very cool and happening this month are two events that relate to the creative process: one in advertising and the other in theatre.

AD2 Orlando (Young Professionals in Advertising) is hosting and event January 9th at the Orlando Sentinel called From Concept to Completion. Featuring local agencies Fry Hammond Bar and Knight, they will "re-live the experience of creating the project from start to finish, including how various elements of the campaign were developed and produced." The whole thing gets kicked off at 6PM. RSVP required.

The Mad Cow Theatre is hosting an Inspiration Salon with the creative team behind their upcoming production, Life is a Dream, a classic play from Spain. Join Artistic Director Alan Bruun, the cast of Life is a Dream, and special guests Rob and Tara Anderson, who have produced shows like Urinetown, Sweeney Todd, and She Loves Me. Tickets are $5.

If I'm forgetting something huge, please let me know. If you have something you want plugged to the creative community, we're listening.

P.S. I also just found an event via the AIGA Orlando site (graphic design) called Re:Solutions 'Day Conference'. It's $80 if you're not a member of the group, but it features "Publix’ Tim Cox—mastermind behind the store’s brand redesign and the award-winning designers from Mucca Design/NYC."

Re:Solutions takes place this Saturday on the Fullsail Campus. Also featured: "Thomas Scott of Eye Noise will go beyond the dropdown font menu, demonstrating techniques to create vintage hand lettering styles using Adobe Illustrator. Cassi Willard of Full Sail will present an Intellectual Property Seminar and rockstar photographer Brook Pifer will also be on hand with a tantalizing display of her most recent work."

P.P.S. Please check out Mark Baratelli's awesome Orlando Arts Blog for events like this. Really.

P.P.P.S. This weekend is the public portion of the annual Otronicon video games conference at the Orlando Science Center. They appear to have different events for Educators, Families and Gamers, but the website organization is very poor and doesn't really say how much it costs to get in, so maybe bring some money? January 18-21 at the Orlando Science Center, and there's a concert at the Hard Rock of video game music that they seem very, very, very interested in your attending.

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