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In the Press: Orlando Coworking

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The front page of the Orlando Sentinel's business section on Thursday, Sept 27th sported these photos of Jason Hawkins, Meagan Fisher and Erik Hersman working downtown. It was meant as a visual intro to the spider's web that is Coworking.

We've been pushing coworking at Florida Creatives since day 1, and seeing the healthy growth of Florida Creatives also means we can start promoting and acting on some of the ideas we had at the beginning: holding events (BarCamp, BlogOrlando, Creative Summit), organizing Coworking, finding jobs for and sharing work with community members, helping entrepreneurs get in touch with resources and fostering a community that is welcoming of everyone and encourages growth.

Thanks to Etan Horowitz for writing the article and getting coworking out there to the community. Getting printed in the paper raises the caché of the idea with people trying to find more information and pushes the same words through several filters so they're easier to get your head around.

The trend has its roots in the open source software movement, which encourages free sharing of software and Web sites such as Wikipedia that are modified and improved on by a community of users.

It also has received a boost by social networking sites such as Facebook, which make it easier to organize meetings and find people in a local area with similar interests.

In Orlando, efforts to start a co-working space are still in their infancy, but [Ryan] Price and other organizers have been laying the groundwork for the past year with regular meetups at coffee shops and bars.

Alex Rudloff, Erik Hersman and John Rife also get mentions and quotes in the article. Go check it out, Co-working can solve non-traditional office issues.

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