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Do Your Part: Save the Internet

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Net Neutrality is not a partisan issue. Businesses large and small don't want to raise their overhead by having to pay telcomm companies for "guaranteed speed" or whatever the hell they call it. Creatives like us obviously don't want some quality control watching our packets so that video, podcasts, torrents and other forms of sharing get lower priority and slower transfer rates. This is an issue we can all get behind, just like the cause of creating a strong creative community here in Florida.

I decided to post this video here of all places because of the community we have begun to build. This group is capable of great things if we focus our attention. This video even mentions Florida. Take 4 minutes and watch, then go to and see what you can do to help. If you have a website, blog, podcast, radio/TV show, or a healthy email list, you can share this with others and do your part to dispel the confusion around Net Neutrality.

We are getting a booth at the Grandma Party Craft Bazaar on April 14th. Another event I would like to have a presence at is the Fringe Theatre Festival from May 17th-28th, but only with the help of this group. I think we have a golden opportunity to not only spread the word about Florida Creatives at these events, but to offer a place for people to have their questions about Net Neutrality answered. Anyone interested should leave a comment, email me or use the contact form at the top of this page. This doesn't end here.



HandsOffPlease wrote 10 years 32 weeks ago

Ryan, It is ironic that


It is ironic that Save the Internet loves to produce these gimmicky videos when in fact these videos have the net bursting at the seams. The U.S. is dangerously behind other countries in internet strength yet net neutrality will exacerbate the problem.

Why is save the internet pushing for these unnecessary regulations that will hurt applications like Joost? My organization, Hands Off the Internet, believes the market is best place to handle broadband deployment, not Washington.

ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 10 years 32 weeks ago

OH PUH-LEEZE! You're lucky I

OH PUH-LEEZE! You're lucky I didn't flag you as spam... I don't believe for a second that the web is "at capacity".

I am saying that as a publisher, I should not be charged for reliable service, I pay my hosting company for that, and my subscribers pay their ISPs for what they *believe* to be consistent and reliable service, not fast Comcast downloads and slow everything else.

I am more for getting rid of laws that allow tiered internet. Laws forcing neutrality can’t be all that hot, but the other extreme makes me want to leave the country.

Ryan Price

HandsOffPlease wrote 10 years 32 weeks ago

Did you even read the

Did you even read the Chicago Tribune article? Online video sharing and TV viewing is slowing the internet. Companies who produce this type of bandwidth hogging content (google, joost, netflix) should have to pay. If you produce videos, and I mean A LOT of videos, as part of your publishing shop, then you should have to pay, but if not, you won't have to worry.

And I don't believe for a second that the internet will die if net neutrality isn't protected. The upgrades that need to be made will be made but net neutrality will slow down the process.

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