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Tampa Bay Blogger Meetup

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Sticks of Fire is a Tampa-based local blog I subscribe to, and they are co-hosting a blogger dinner in Tampa next Tuesday. Here's the announcement:

From Sticks of Fire:

Who: Bloggers and Podcasters, fans of them or even those who want to become one…

When: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 — 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Where: Hawks Neighborhood Grill3114 Bay to Bay Boulevard, South Tampa

Why: Putting names and faces to the local blogging community, to share a beverage, and say hello.

Everyone is invited to come out and participate. This is an Un-Meeting, with no agenda or specific purpose other than meeting and getting to know one-another “offline.” If you have any questions, or if you plan to attend, send me an email: jim [at] stateofsunshine [dot] com, and let me know — so we can get an estimated headcount for the restaurant.

We hope you can make it!!

This one is co-hosted by State of Sunshine, Sticks of Fire, Seminole Heights, Out in Left Field, and In Theory

It was events like this that inspired me to start Florida Creatives... well, BlogOrlando, the Fringe Festival and Grandma Party specifically. I know the Tampa area has Craft Out Loud (March 3rd, Globe Coffee House) and a couple of other events that bring creatives together... I wonder if they are being reached out to? That's why I bought Florida Creatives a booth at Grandma Party, and why I want to raise the $325 for a table at Fringe (May 17-28, Loch Haven Park).

If anyone asks me, I'll set up a PayPal donation for it. Also, if we get surplus money we can maybe supply some beers to everyone who donated as a way of keeping the money in the loop. Either that or purchase a table at crafting out loud or support an Assembly show, or some of these other creative events around the state that could benefit from knowing there is a larger community out there. I love Orlando, but I called this group Florida Creatives for a reason.

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