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This show is now what you know as Florida Creatives. Why? I didn't know what to call it. I did a few episodes of that, three to be exact. DIH Magazine, Refresh Orlando (these guys) and BlogOrlando with Vlad and Wendy. This podcast is exactly the same: taped on-location, local creatives and entrepreneurs, even the same tagline! I'm glad for the evolution, but I'm also a fan of the "permalink" for now. Should I re-post these as "from the archives", or does this do the show justice?

Orlando Arts Podcast
Those of you who attended the event on the 15th got a chance to meet Mark Baratelli he is one of the handful of podcasters in town, and I think he has been doing this longer than most people in Florida. Mark does this show called Orlando Arts Podcast, and he has 10 wonderful episodes up already. I realize this was already covered in our interview with Mark, but it didn't seem right to mention relevant podcasts without bringing up Mark's work.

Blogging Fringe
This is another one of mine, and let me say I will be happy to post others as I get some suggestions from you the readers. I started Blogging Fringe as a way to get a conversation going with performers, producers and patrons of the Orlando Fringe Festival, and maybe one day other festivals internationally. The Fringe is one of the huge and established non-Disney things we can claim for Florida. Most recently, I interviewed Wilson Loria about his one-man show, "To The Winners". If you go to the Interviews section of the site you can see the other performers and producers I've spoken to, along with some email interviews conducted by Katharine Miller before last year's festival.

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