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Here's what I'm getting at: Florida Creatives is this great... thing... we have going on (which apparently requires the use of ellipses for dramatic pauses). However, we don't have an identity in the form of a logo, a web page design, a mascot, or even a color scheme! This is just a default K2 color scheme. I do have a few stylesheet hacks and flash widgets I plan on adding so people can listen to audio files right here on the page, but I don't have a plan for the look of this page yet.

I know we have some talented graphics gurus out there, and I would love to get some contributions. K2 is very easy to style - it is the only theme-able theme I know of.

Also, if anyone out there would like to post stuff here on the blog, like photos, interviews, thoughts about the mythical upcoming "Creative Summit", or just some thoughts about this group, all you have to do is register for the site (there is a link at the top right) and then email me to let me know you are not a spammer. If you use your real name so I can recognize you from the email list, that will be good for me and others who have attended events in the past.

I feel like I have been blogging for three days straight; I don't know how the pros do it and do their regular jobs. Keep the comments, blog posts, etc. coming! If you want to tag stuff, do so with 'floridacreatives'. This works for photos, blog posts, youtube videos, links, or whatever. I am also putting a saved search in the sidebar for whenever someone writes about Florida Creatives.

More stuff soon, I promise. Really. If you want to be podcasted, send me an email, we'll talk.


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Marc wrote 10 years 37 weeks ago

I've got a concept everyone

I've got a concept everyone might be interested in.
Email me and I'll send you a link.

I saw the next scheduled FC meet on Upcoming. Awesome!

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