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Florida Creatives Happy Hour, 3rd Mondays @ Crooked Bayou
Likemind Orlando, 3rd Fridays @ Drunken Monkey

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Started in late 2006 as a meetup for folks interested in the future of work, creative expression, and a desire to be inspired by peers and new experiences, the Florida Creatives Happy Hours in Orlando and Melbourne are a place to gather, discuss projects, share stories and make friends.

Florida Creatives is a place, both physically and virtually, for forming relationships and facilitating discussion. People of all disciplines and all levels of experience are invited to come together to enrich their creative experience, learn from each other, and gain inspiration in a social environment. The immediate benefits of such a group are often collaboration, employment opportunities and creative partnerships, with fringe benefits being innumerable. One purpose of the Florida Creatives website is to highlight some of those relationships and partnerships through blogging and podcasting, while also providing an online discussion place in between meetings.

Show off your best Work

By adding portfolio pieces to this site, you can have some examples of your creative flavor. You can associate pieces with an event or with groups. Your most recent work will show up on the sidebar of your profile page.

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Annual Creative Summit

One way we plan to achieve our mission of creating a statewide community is through a few centralized gatherings, whether they are conventions, classes, barbecues, festivals or all of the above. Such an event may be hosted by the founding chapter in Orlando or any of the local chapters in other parts of the state. The point is to take these strong local communities and create an environment for cross-pollination to occur. While the Internet makes such connections possible, this group exists because of the undeniable connection made by seeing and speaking to a like-minded person face-to-face. When such an event takes place, people from all over the world will be invited, as our own community is but one part of a global community of creatives.

Start a Florida Creatives in Your City (or US Creatives)

Anyone can start a Creatives group in their city, and we will be very happy to host your group's site here. As a matter of fact, we will host ANY GROUP'S site here on Florida Creatives. You get a blog that updates folks via email, a wiki, members-only posting, blogs, a news aggregator, event listings and lots more. We won't ask you for anything. Visit this Wiki Page for some tips to start your own group.

Get involved with the Podcast

If you have a suggestion for a podcast interview subject, or if you are interested in conducting an interview of your own, you are welcome to do so. Anyone can now contribute podcast episodes by using the Create Content links in the sidebar of our website.

Florida Creatives is a podcast, which means we plan on posting regular updates in the form of audio files. No iPod or portable MP3 player of any kind is required to listen to podcasts. All of our shows are simple mp3 files, which can be played in every popular media player. Aside from the audio, there is this great enabling technology for podcasts called RSS, or Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds allow you the listener to be notified every time we release a new show, and to automatically download the MP3 file if you use iTunes or a media browser like Songbird.To subscribe to this show, please paste this RSS Feed in to your RSS reader or podcatcher.

Current episodes of Florida Creatives are being hosted by Ryan Price, the Producer of this and several other shows in the Liberatr Media Network. Liberatr is dedicated to broadcasting the voices and faces of anyone who has something to say, and letting the people decide what they want. We are developing a network of offerings that will appeal to people of distinct tastes as well as those who prefer to sample media buffet style.

About the Logo

It's not the Second Life logo, and it has nothing to do with that monster from Pan's Labyrinth.

Our logo was donated to us by a designer named Marc Rapp. Marc was at the very first Florida Creatives Happy Hour, and is now part of the movement in Jacksonville.

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A monthly dose of inspiration and cool events around the state. If you don't just see a checkbox above then you are not logged in. If you want to contribute to the newsletter post an event or discussion on this site.
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